Rochelle Johnson

About the Artist

Rochelle Johnson was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, where she discovered her passion for drawing at an early age.

In 1989, Johnson enrolled at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design where she learned to create stories using oils and watercolors. She attained a degree in Illustration in order to pursue a career in Commercial Art. In 1992, she moved to Seattle, Washington where she worked as a freelance designer, creating community theater posters and identity packages for local businesses. These opportunities paid the bills, but she became intrigued by the idea of being a story-teller through her work.

In 1999, Johnson returned to Denver and eventually resumed pursuing the idea of story-telling through painting, a calling that had never left her consciousness. Johnson has been published in several journals the most notable being the American Art Collector Magazine. Today, Johnson continues to develop her unique style of story-telling through painting from her Denver studio.

Rochelle Johnson Studio